What you need to know about sports bandages
Sport is an integral part of the life of a modern and progressive person. Unfortunately, no one is safe from injuries, especially professional athletes who are subjected to excessive daily exertion. One of the most common orthopedic products created to reduce the risk of injury is a sports bandage. Elastic bandages, teips, bandages of various stiffness, clamps – all these are orthopedic devices created for comfortable playing sports.

Types of sports bandage Depending on the purpose of use and the composition of the material from which the band is made, the following varieties are divided:

For the prevention and prevention of injuries – the most popular type, used in daily training, reduces the load on the joints;
To reduce pain caused by chronic diseases and frequent injuries;
For fixing joints and muscles during injuries, during the rehabilitation or postoperative period.

By application, sports bandages are used for:

Ankle – with squats, running, jumping, to avoid microtrauma;
Knee joint – squats with weight, step;
The wrists are a sprain, one of the most common injuries;
Forearms and elbows – useful for tennis players, golfers, as well as other sports where the elbow joint is actively involved;
Shoulder – fixation, rehabilitation after severe injuries and fractures of the humerus;
Neck – fixation for injuries, restriction of movement.

When choosing the necessary bandage, be sure to consult a specialist or traumatologist. A huge selection of product types, density and construction (various additional harnesses and inserts) requires a correct and competent choice.

The difference in sports bandages in terms of support Depending on the type of fabric, the design of the orthopedic product, the presence of special solid inserts, sports bandages are divided into:

Basic support – a product from a dense but elastic fabric. Used for minor injuries, due to the composition of the tissue tightly fixes and promotes blood circulation.
Medium support – special stiffening ribs are mounted in the structure, used for chronic diseases;
Strong support – most often medical spokes, hinges are sewn into such products. Used for complex injuries, the rehabilitation period after surgery.

Bandages of medium and strong category are selected exclusively by the attending physician. Bandages and other products from elastic materials are usually referred to the basic category.
Sports Band Recommendations

It is very important for yourself to share products for prevention and treatment. Do not use a bandage for prophylaxis for medicinal purposes and vice versa. Here are a few recommendations to help you comfortably use these products:

Choose and wear exclusively your size, in this topic the options “half the size larger” are excluded;
The bandage should not crush and bring discomfort, try the degree of compression before buying;
The product for prevention is used only during the training process;
The bandage is not worn at night, the exception is postoperative products;
Proper care is important – regular washing as recommended.

A correctly selected bandage will serve you for many years, help to relieve the load during sports training. With this orthopedic product, recovery from injuries will be quicker and less noticeable!

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